Cognitive Function Development Institute

Neuroplastic Remodeling for Changed Trajectories

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About the Institute

The Cognitive Function Development Institute is here to bring an emerging therapeutic modality into the mainstream. Through our Arizona-based national program, we’re changing client outcomes, one therapist at a time.

What is Cognitive Function Development?

Cognitive Function Development as a therapeutic modality is based on a broad synthesis of peer-reviewed research on neuroimaging, neurobiology, cognitive neuropsychology, psychiatry, and psychology.

It is interactive, designed to drive desired neuroplastic remodeling and grounded in establishing regulation in the nervous system. Informed by decades of peer-reviewed neuroscience literature, CFD uses interactive activities to target and develop the functionality of specific neural networks and processes. Afterwards, clients have the ability to succeed with other therapeutic modalities, relationships, work, and life.

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What Sets The Modality Apart

When properly presented by qualified individuals, CFDT has an exceptional, demonstrated capacity to produce long-lasting, far reaching effects in recipients, with applicability to a broad range of diagnostic and clinically relevant conditions.

Additionally, it is the only therapy of its kind that uses measurable data to track progress at any stage of therapy using objective assessments. When applied responsibly, it works harmoniously to bring the best out of other treatments and can help individuals achieve outcomes that may not be possible through traditional therapy alone.

CFD Certifications

The CFDI offers three levels of certification in cognitive function development therapy: Associate, Certified, and Master. Training is open to individuals with diverse experience and education backgrounds, but it must be administered within a clinical framework.

Associate Level CFDTs

Can apply cognitive function development therapeutic activities one-on-one and in small groups within a clinical setting.

certified level cfdts

Can contribute to CFDT theory and practice, providing consultation to associate CFDTs in a clinical setting.

master level cfdts

Have proven mastery of the modality, contributed to the therapeutic framework, and have advanced the measurable treatment of mental health conditions.

How Training Works

Our program is designed to be practical and achievable at every stage of certification.

For Organizations

Partner with the CFD Institute to offer training within your clinic.

For Individuals

Learn how you can get certified as a CFD therapist.

get started

Reach out to begin the training approval process, or to learn more about how CFDI can benefit your clinic and transform your clients’ lives.

Where to Find Cognitive Function Development Therapy

About Us

CFDT was first developed from a broad synthesis of peer-reviewed literature and fine-tuned within the community mental health setting. CFDT uses an applied neuroscientific approach to target specific neural networks and structures that underlie cognitive functions through dynamically engaging interactions within a therapuetically responsive relationship.

The research and possibilities for this modality are ever-expanding. The Institute works to develop and advocate for cognitive function development as a  research-backed, non-invasive therapeutic treatment.