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Cognitive Function Development Therapy (CFDT) is a promising therapeutic modality that can provide tangible improvements in cognitive functioning and emotional regulation. If you are an individual therapist looking to expand your skill set and provide neuroscience-based and effective care to your clients, becoming a certified CFDT practitioner may help you offer your clients more.

The CFD Institute offers a comprehensive training program that can provide the skills and knowledge you need to implement CFDT in your practice and help your clients achieve measurable improvements. Below, we'll explore the training opportunities available for individual therapists who want to become CFDT practitioners.

Certification Requirements

To become a Cognitive Function Development Therapist (CFDT), individuals must obtain and maintain credentials at each certification stage. The CFDT certification program consists of four levels:

  • Initial Candidacy
  • Associate Level Training
  • Certified Level Training
  • Master Level Training

The first level, Initial Candidacy, requires candidates to be recommended by their employing organization and accepted by the CFD Institute (CFDI) as a Candidate for ACFDT certification. While there are no educational or licensing requirements for entry into the certification program, prior work at a master's level is helpful.

The following three levels (Associate, Certified, and Master) require progressive education, clinical experience, and contributions to CFDT theory and practice. To achieve certification at each level, candidates must complete the required training hours, pass an exam, and fulfill the necessary practical clinical experience. 

Additionally, each level of certification requires annual credential renewal. The CFDI offers comprehensive training programs and guidance to help individuals achieve and maintain CFDT certification throughout their careers.

What Your Subscription Includes

A CFD Institute subscription (CFDI) allows individuals to access ongoing education and support to maintain their Cognitive Function Development Therapy (CFDT) credentials. With a yearly fee, subscribers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Annual Credential Renewal Cost Coverage: CFDI will cover the cost of credential yearly renewal fees for all active subscribers.
  • Ongoing Coursework: Subscribers can access courses designed to deepen their knowledge and skills in CFDT.
  • Exam Access: Subscribers can take certification exams at no additional cost.
  • Professional Community: Subscribers gain access to a supportive community of CFDT practitioners and experts who can offer guidance and advice on practicing CFDT effectively.
  • Continuing Education: Subscribers can participate in webinars and workshops to continue their professional development.

These benefits can help individuals stay up-to-date with the latest CFDT developments and best practices, ensuring they can provide high-quality, effective therapy to their clients.

Why consultation is Required

Consultation is crucial to the Cognitive Function Development Therapy (CFDT) certification process. Its most simplistic form allows candidates to receive feedback and guidance from experienced CFDT practitioners and experts. However, there's much more to it than that.

Consultation ensures candidates practice CFDT safely and effectively while identifying areas for improvement and growth. Additionally, it deepens candidate knowledge and understanding of CFDT theory and practice, ensuring they can provide their clients with the highest level of care.

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Where does CFDT Fit In?

Cognitive Function Development Therapy (CFDT) can be used as a standalone therapy or integrated into existing therapeutic modalities. It can benefit many clients, including individuals with cognitive impairments, mental health conditions, and those looking to improve their cognitive function. 

Here are some ways you can use CFDT in other therapy practices:

  • Enhance cognitive remediation therapy for clients with cognitive impairments.
  • Use CFDT prior to cognitive-behavioral therapy to provide clients with improved ability to manage their thoughts and behaviors.
  • Help clients with ADHD improve their attentional networks.
  • Use it in occupational therapy to improve clients' daily living skills.
  • Use CFDT to improve function after a TBI/stroke.

See CTFD in Action

Seeing is believing! Check out the measurable improvements clients have experienced through Cognitive Function Development Therapy (CFDT) by clicking our "Success Stories."

Our CFDT practitioners have helped clients improve in areas such as attention, memory, cognitive flexibility, and emotional regulation. By incorporating CFDT into their therapy practice, clinicians have reported increased effectiveness in treating various mental health conditions.

Therapist Testimonials

“For me, being a CFDT has helped me understand and appreciate where people are coming from and the why’s of behavioral challenges. The big thing that has changed in my life as a CFDT is that I have a lot more patience with not only clients, but as a dad. Being a CFDT can be immensely rewarding when you begin to see the shift in a client’s behavior and attitude and knowing that that change could change the entire trajectory of their life.”

Stephen D

“I’ve worked with many children who have experienced trauma during my 10 years as a social worker, and it was heart-breaking work to say the least. I’m so thankful to have this opportunity, as a Cognitive Function Development Therapist, to help similar children experience healing at a more foundational level … I’m seeing examples of children transforming before my eyes into happier and more regulated individuals.”


“I love being a CFD Therapist! I’m able to help someone lessen the effects of their trauma without having to re-experience it! Being able to see a client transition from responding to a situation with fear and anxiety to responding with excitement and joy is so fulfilling. It has been so rewarding to do fun and intense activities with a bigger purpose and see life-changing results. We are changing people’s trajectories, how cool is that?”

Rachel Z

Let’s Get in Touch

If you want to become a Cognitive Function Development Therapist or incorporate CFDT into your existing therapy practice, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team at CFD Institute is committed to providing quality education and certification to support the development of influential mental health professionals.

Reach out to learn more about our training programs, certification process, and how we can help you become a CFD Therapist.