The CFD Training Roadmap

Guiding Therapists Towards Certification and Expertise

Becoming a Cognitive Function Development Therapist

Obtaining and maintaining credentials at each level of CFDI certification represents a significant professional and personal achievement. The CFDT certification roadmap is as follows.

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1. Initial Candidacy

Individual candidates must be accepted by the CFDI as a Candidate for ACFDT certification by the CFDI and recommended by their employing organization.

Prerequisite: The CFDI certification process is designed as a comprehensive training program. Previous college level learning is preferred though no specific degree is required.

2. associate Level Training

Can apply cognitive function development therapeutic activities one-on-one and in small groups within a clinical setting.

Prerequisite: CFDI candidacy and approved consultation

Training Time: 40 hours

Exam: 2 hours

Credential Renewal: Annual

3. Certified Level Training

Can contribute to CFDT theory and practice. 

Prerequisite: A full or provisional ACFDT credential; active work as a CFD Therapist in a clinical setting.

Training Time: 15 hours (required), 40 hours (average)

Clinical Consultations and Rounds: 13 hours

Seminar & Exam: 4 hours

Credential Renewal: Annual

4. Master Level Training

Prerequisite: CCFDT Certification, CCFDT endorsements in consultation and Clinical Management, and 1,000 hours of clinical experience as a CCFDT.

Training Time: 55 hours (required)

Clinical Experience: 2,000 hours

Certification Seminar & Exam: 4 hours, and a successfully defended Master’s dissertation.

Credential Renewal: Annual

Renewing and Maintaining Your Certifications

Renewing and maintaining CFDT therapy certifications is crucial for professionals in the field who want to provide high-quality services to their clients. Through ongoing certification and training, therapists can stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and best practices, ensuring they provide the most effective care possible.

ACFDT Continuing Education Standards

Maintenance of ACFDT credentials through the CFDI requires a minimum of 8 clock hours annually of approved continuing education. Of this requirement, up to 4 CEU clock hours annually obtained for mental health maintenance or professional medical licensure may be co-submitted for maintenance of the ACFDT certification. In addition, a minimum of 4 CEU credits must be obtained through the CFDI’s CEU offerings or 3rd party offerings as approved by the CFDI in advance.

ACFDT Professional Code of Conduct

We expect those holding ACFDT credentials from the CFDI to uphold their organization’s written professional code(s) of conduct. In the absence of such a code availability, ACFDTs must enforce the most current ACA Code of Ethics or the code of ethics endorsed by the Board of Behavioral Health Examiners in the ACFDT’s state of practice or other professional regulatory body.

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Integrating CFD Therapy With Your Practice

Integrating Cognitive Functioning Development Therapy (CFDT) into your practice can benefit you and your clients. CFDT is a cutting-edge therapy that improves cognitive functioning and emotional regulation, improving overall mental health. By incorporating CFDT into your practice, you can provide your clients with a unique and effective therapy option to help them overcome various mental health challenges.

To add CFDT to your practice, first, you must gain an understanding of the modality. You can effectively incorporate CFDT by adding staff who go through our specialized training and certification programs. By taking these steps, you can offer your clients a unique approach to mental health treatment while expanding your professional expertise and offerings.

How to Start On Your Certification Pathway

If you’re a professional looking to expand your skills and offer your clients a cutting-edge therapy option, then pursuing CFDT certification may be the right choice. Contact us to learn more about our training and how it can benefit you and your clients.

For Organizations

Partner with the CFD Institute to bring CFDT to your clinic.

For Individuals

Learn how you can get certified as a CFD therapist.

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