Master Level CFDT

Certification and Training Roadmap


Have proven mastery of the modality, contributed to the therapeutic framework, and have advanced the measurable treatment of mental health conditions.


Master CFDT Certification, CCFDT endorsements in consultation and Clinical Management, and 1,000 hours of clinical experience as a CCFDT.

Training Time:

55 hours

Clinical Experience:

2,000 hours


4 hours, and a successfully defended Master’s dissertation.

Credential Renewal:


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Becoming a Master CFDT

Master CFDTs have proven mastery of the knowledge, technical, and professional aspects of cognitive function development therapy, have made significant and substantive contributions to the CFDI Therapeutic Framework and its clinical applicability with demonstrated positive, reproducible results, and exemplify a commitment to cognitive function development as an efficacious therapeutic modality, advancing the practical and efficacious treatment of mental health conditions, and the CFDI and its core value and purpose.

Training & Examination

After sponsoring MCFDT approval, individuals meeting the prerequisites for MCFDT credentialing may request access to the online coursework: Designing your MCFDT Program (estimated 10 hours).

Capstone Project

In conjunction with the sponsoring MCFDT and employing organization, the individual must design and receive CFDI approval for an MCFDT program and dissertation (indeterminate hours).

Full Master Credential

Complete the MCFDT program and successfully defend the dissertation before a Master’s review panel. Upon successful completion of the MCFDT program and review of the dissertation, the individual will be granted MCFDT certification.

Credential Renewal

The MCFDT credential may be renewed annually with documentation of the following:
• Attestation to the maintenance of clinical standards (per organization of practice)
• Maintenance of good standing with the CFDI

How to Get Started

If you're interested in becoming a Master CFDT with CFD Institute, we encourage you to reach out to us today. Our team is ready to answer your questions and help guide you through the process of your journey towards becoming a certified Cognitive Function Development therapist.