Certified Level CFDT

Certification and Training Roadmap


Can contribute to CFDT theory and practice.


A full or provisional ACFDT credential; active work as a CFD Therapist in a clinical setting.

Training Time:

40 hours

Clinical Consultation and Rounds:

13 hours


4 hours

Credential Renewal:


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Becoming a Certified CFDT

Certified CFDTs have demonstrated the knowledge, technical expertise, and professional credibility needed to effectively contribute to cognitive function development theory and therapeutic practice as articulated by the CFDI Therapeutic Framework.

Training & Examination

Individuals meeting the prerequisites for CCFDT Credentialing may request access to the online coursework: Intermediate CFDT (estimated 10 hours). Upon completion of the online coursework, they may partake in the related intermediate classroom experience available at regularly scheduled intervals. After the classroom experience, individuals will participate in a seminar and practicum exam (4 hours). The exam is pass/fail and covers all clinical aspects of being a CCFDT. Upon passing the practicum exam, candidates will be recognized by the CFDI as Probationary Certified CFDTs.

Probationary Period

Upon passing the practicum exam, the individual shall be granted a Provisional CFDT credential. Provisional CFDT certificates shall be converted to full CCFDT certification upon providing acceptable documentation of completing the ACFDT field experience requirements.

Provisional Credential

Provisional CFDT credentialing is valid for one calendar year. All Provisional CCFDTs shall complete and document the following field experience requirements: 10 hours of consultations and clinical rounds, with no less than 20% of sessions recorded for feedback and participation in weekly CFDI consultation.

Full Certified Credential

Provisional CCFDTs, upon submitting acceptable documentation of the above field experience requirements within one year, shall be recognized as credentialled CCFDTs. Individuals not fulfilling the field experience requirements or failing to provide acceptable documentation within one year may renew their Provisional CCFDT status for another year.

Credential Renewal

The CFDT credential may be renewed annually with documentation of the following:

Eight CE clock hours annually (four CE hours may be dual-purpose, but four must be from CFDI approved courses); Maintenance of good standing with the CFDI.

How to Get Started

If you're interested in becoming a Certified CFDT with CFD Institute, we encourage you to reach out to us today. Our team is ready to answer your questions and help guide you through the process of your journey towards becoming a certified Cognitive Function Development therapist.